Hiram Award

The Hiram Award is the single highest honor a Master Mason may receive.
It cannot be sought or applied for, but is awarded at the request of the individual’s Lodge.
What is the Hiram Award?

The following are recipients of this high honor:

1988 Leo D Castillo
1989 Richard W Huggett
1990 Eric Hunter
1991 James E Brown
1992 Philip F Nylin *
1993 Mark D Williams
2001 Nelson O Aquino
2002 Jesus D Carpio
2003 Leslie E Snavely
2004 Marc A Ignacio
2005 Gregory Kovsky
2006 Henry V Fletcher III
2015 Philip F Nylin *
2016 Donn E Castro
2017 Mark D Williams *
2021 Earl J Lara
2023 Virg Prodigalidad

*Recipient of multiple awards

The recipient can also be found in our lodge on the following plaques.

Hiram Plaques.jpg