Lodge History

West Gate Lodge #128 was founded in 1903 on First Avenue in Seattle, WA. The Lodge rented under the Hall of Seattle Commandery of the Knights Templar at 2320 First Avenue North.

1903-1915 First Masonic Hall.JPG

First Masonic Hall of West Gate Lodge #128 in Seattle, WA.

First Masonic Hall Update 2003.JPG

The West Gate Masonic Hall with an updated picture in 2003. Photo Credit VW Mark Williams.


Elkan Morgenstern was the first WM for West Gate Lodge #128. Prior to becoming the first WM, he was a Past Master for Ionic Lodge #90 in Queen Anne. He and 23 other Brothers submitted a petition to Grand Lodge recommended by Arcana Lodge #87.

  • Initiation Fee: $50.00
  • Annual Dues: $6.00

WM Elkan Morgenstern.JPG

Served as Worshipful Master from 1903 to 1906.

In 1915 the Seattle Masonic Temple was built in which West Gate Lodge #128 left First Avenue and became the first tenant.

1915-1976 Seattle Masonic Temple.JPG

Tenancy from 1915-1976 at the Seattle Masonic Temple.

In 1976, due to membership, parking and the ever-growing environment of the Greater Seattle Area, West Gate Lodge decided to move to the city of Bellevue Masonic Temple.

1976-1997 Bellevue Masonic Temple.JPG

Tenancy from 1976-1997 at the Bellevue Masonic Temple with the brothers of Lakeside Lodge #258.

In 1997, West Gate Lodge then moved to the Kirkland Masonic Temple with their brothers at Kirkland Lodge #150.

1997-2014 Kirkland Masonic Temple.JPG

Tenancy from 1997-2014 at the Kirkland Masonic Temple with the brothers of Kirkland Lodge #150.

Then in 2014, West Gate Lodge moved back to the Bellevue Masonic Temple, now called the Eastside Masonic Center, back with their brothers at Lakeside Lodge #258.

2014 EMC 01.jpg
2014 EMC 02.jpg
2014 EMC 03.jpg

Finally as of March 2019, the members decided to move to Everett, WA and meet on the third Wednesday at the Valley of Everett Scottish Rite Temple. This was a decision decided by the Lodge as the Majority of it’s members were located in the Snohomish County.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons of Washington, Valley of Everett


Current home building as of 2019.


Lodge room of current building as of 2019.

For more information, feel free to e-mail us at: info@westgatelodge.org