EAM Degree | Ronald Estacion & Joshua Tiongco

This evening we joined our Fraternal Brothers of Yancey C Blalock Lodge #265 to initiate 3 candidates. Two of those initiates of candidates were representative of West Gate Lodge #128, Bro Joshua Tiongco and Bro Ronald Estacion. Interestingly, WG128 initiated YCB265’s candidate months prior, Bro Reynald Estacion. Only fitting to help return the favor and watch Brothers rise in the fold.

Estacion, Ronald T - Official Photo (2024).jpg

Tiongco, Jan J - Official Photo (2024).jpg

WM Edwin Ingles of YCB 265 honoring sitting WM Virg Prodigalidad.


The Brethren of West Gate Lodge #128 and Yancey C Blalock Lodge #265


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