Stated Meeting – May 21, 2018

The May Stateded meeting started off with a dinner prepared by VWB Ray Lavadia and WB Nelson Aquino. They baked a large meal of Salmon and large platter of vegetables!


This meal was prepared for a feast as lots of brothers were in attendance. We were visited by brothers from Unity Lodge #198, Mill Creek Lodge #243, Yancey C Blalock Lodge #265, and LuzViMinda Lodge #317. It was great to see a full lodge.


We also were presented by some great craftsmanship by our brother WB John Seaton. This was a piece that West Gate Lodge has always wanted and we are always amazed by his amazing work!


We also were presented with our new Lodge Cooking aprons that will be making their debut at our next outreach event with Arc Snohomoish.


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