Master Mason Degree | Cordaro King

Today we introduce our newest Master Mason, Cordaro V King. Also known to friends and brothers as “Cord”, has furthered his enlightenment by progressing through the degrees. West Gate Lodge #128 has went back to the roots and begun the development of raising their own brothers. This is a dawn of a new age for West Gate as we invest in our own lodge and focus on the development of our brothers and the Lodge.

Brother Cordaro is a fine gentleman who is a father of four and the husband of Jessica King. Cordaro began his journey in February of 2016 and displays the fraternal affection to those around him. Please welcome him as he continues his journey in Freemasonry.

We would also like to thank those who participated in this degree:

  • Bro Nestor Martija of Yancy C Blalock #265
  • Bro Vaughn Schnelle of Bellingham Bay #44
  • Bro Phu Huynh of Lakeside Lodge #258
  • WB Mike Marave of Genesis Lodge #350
  • VWB Cary Pope of Alpha Lodge #212
  • VWB Gene Ulrich, Deputy To the Grand Master of District #7 and of Lakeside Lodge #258


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