District #7 – 2016 District Meeting


I had the opportunity to go to the District Meeting for District #7 for the first time in my Masonic journey on Saturday, September 16th 2016 . West Gate Lodge was the Host at the Bellevue Masonic Center. Those of you who are not that familiar we this meeting, please know that all members are invited and greatly encouraged. This is much like a State of The Union event where each Master shares the health and news of their respective lodges. Some lodges may be fairing fairly well with new ideas that could spark interests, other lodges may be going thru hardships of retaining members. All-in-all, it is great to see how all our brothers are doing through-out our district. Did I mention that it is an open meeting and that you are welcome to bring someone who may find interest, or your girlfriends/wives?

The morning started promptly at 11:00am as the District Deputy, MWB Gene Ulrich introduced the Grand Lodge Team. Those in attendance was that of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Don Munks and his Grand Lodge Officers.
Most Woshipful Grand Lodge Officers
2015-2016 Grand Lodge Officers
RW Warren R. Schoeben, Senior Grand Warden; RW Jim V. Mendoza, Deputy Grand Master; MW Donald G. Munks, Grand Master; RW James H. Kendall, Junior Grand Warden; RW David P. Owen, Grand Secretary
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During this meeting as all WM’s were introduced along with their members that joined in. Some WM’s were able to delegate those duties to kind soul and we took it to one of our better speakers, PM Donn Castro. Some points that we shared was our support to all three Masonic Youth Groups, Street Soccer Seattle, as well as Helping Hands. We also shared the tables we sponsored for the Kirkland Boys & Girls Club during their annual auction. It has been very eventful for West Gate of which I’m personally proud to be apart of.

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The event was then bounced off of protocol to recognize a special Freemason for their endless humanitarian efforts. Unbeknownst to him, Donn was actually asked to present the award on behalf of GM Don Munks only to find out, that he too was the recipient of the award. This was a plan concocted by District Deputy Gene Ulrich, WM Henry Fletcher III, and the Grand Master himself.
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Another award presented was that of a pin awarded by RW Jim Mendoza Inscribed “A Mason That Made a Difference”. Henry Castro took the pleasure of presenting it to his son. This award not only is for someone who made a difference in Masonry, but continues to create differences in his on-going work and travels.
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Finally, We then broke to lunch which was a Filipino Take on Chili hosted by your West Gate Brothers, WB Phil Nylin and WB Henry Castro. During this time we heard quick speeches for those running for Grand Lodge office and participated in a Q&A Session. This was a great opportunity to ask questions or share concerns as Masonry grows in an ever-growing environment. This was a fairly great experience and cordially invite you to participate in the next one that may take place!  – SW Earl Lara  photo IMAG1036_zpsvyqoe4o2.jpg

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