MM Degree | Ray Walintukan


This evening was another amazing night! West Gate Lodge #128 has really been coming to it’s in committing to the work and development of our newer Freemasons. We would cordially like to introduce you to the newest Master Masons to the Fraternity!


Bro Ray Walintukan (West Gate Lodge #128)
Bro Guy Everett (Fall City Lodge #66)
Bro Michael Inman (Myrtle Lodge #108)

We had a tremendous showing that 7 of 8 Lodges were present from District #7 as well as lodges represented as far North as Bellingham Bay.

As Worshipful Master of this Lodge, I am humbly thankful for the Brothers who worked with me in the collaboration of organizing this degree. It was an amazing feat to fill the lodge and show these new brothers the ever growing fraternity. I had a lot of fun seeing everyone doing this on a Tuesday night!

Please share your congratulations to Bro Ray Walintukan as he travels around this jurisdiction! He is very excited to learn!


Thank you again to the following brothers that helped make this all happen!

VWB Ray Lavadia (#128), VWB Henry Fletcher (#128), WB Donn Castro (#128), MWB Santy Lascano (#212), WB Enzo Sainato (#258), WB Boysie Herrera (#189), VWB Mark Williams (#128), WB Chad Reese (#108), WB Gerry O’Brien (#108), WB Henry Castro (#128), WB David Hisel (#66), VW Doug Stamper (#150), Bro Max Box (#258), Bro Vaughn Schnelle (#44), WB Dean Markley (#258), Bro Nestor Martija (#265), WB Matt Roalkvam (#198), WB Frank Schumacher IV (#66), VWB Bill Werner (#312), Bro Luis Natividad (#143), and WB Jonathan Seaton (#198). Apologies if I missed anyone else!

Here’s another group picture.


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